Where do you work?

A friend of mine asked me where I work on my stuff.  We had a great conversation on how to create when you have limited space.  Living in a big, expensive city doesn’t leave a lot of room for art– and my art takes up a lot of space.  My friend has an “all-purpose” room she uses with her partner for painting.  I don’t even have that much space– I live in a one bedroom apartment.  I negotiated with my husband for a corner in the living room, and created a workspace that has turned out to be great for me!  I love having the corner cause I don’t have to worry about setting up materials, or putting stuff away– its always ready for when I have an idea.


Why art journal?

I was never very good at keeping a written journal– I would be intimidated by the lines on the page, and worried that I couldn’t fill them up with meaningful prose.  I guess that’s why I never considered blogging about my journalling either.  Trying to use words to describe the process and reasons for my sketchbooks is really difficult.  But here it goes anyways:

What are the reasons you keep an art journal, Stephanie?

1. I find using color and shape less limiting than words.  I’m not a great wordsmith, so I would rather draw my meaning.  Or create music about it.

2. I get to learn and try out new techniques in my books.  The smaller format is great for trying a little bit of watercolors; or a small amount of decoupage.

3. My journal allows me to do something creative everyday.  I can’t work on my big pieces everyday. Sometimes i get tired just thinking about some of the pieces I should finish, but you know how it is…

4. My journal is a mini portfolio of my work and my photography.  Its a great example of the art I make.

5. I can’t screw it up.  And I’m not even afraid that I might.  Art rocks.

6.  Its a great conversation piece.  I’ve met some great artists by sharing my work with them.

7. Its a visual representation of my life.  A pages tells me exactly what I was feeling that day.  No censorship there.

I am very interested to know why other artists keep art journals…  Why do you keep one?

By way of introduction…

I have been inspired.  I started my newest sketchbook a few months ago.  I have tried “traditional” journalling, but I found myself limited by my own words.  For some reason, I could never write what I meant.  The words seemed flat and inexpressive.

A friend told me to journal in pictures. I had never thought of that before.

My sketchbook has been transformed.  And I want to share my experiences in learning about mixed media and journalling.  Anything I find that is useful, will be posted here.