Street Art: Hamilton Tunnel Mural

At MacNab Street Tunnel

I was on a walk with my partner D, and I took him to my favorite mural in the city.  I can’t believe  forgot to take him here until now:  The art I take for granted!  Well, I made that right yesterday, and showed him.  It is amazing work!  This tunnel was just gray for the longest time.  There was some graffiti, mostly tagging which is not my favorite unless it is really cool.  Now its a great (and colorful) rep of the city.  I think my favorite part is when you are coming up the stairs out of the tunnel, and there are arrows showing you to all the great parts of Hamilton.  The project was completed July, 2010 by two Hamilton artists, Laura Zajacz and Becky Katz, and about 30 youth volunteers.


Street Art: Peace Stencil

I came across this little dude completely by accident:  I was walking down the street in my neighborhood, and this dog was sitting on the sidewalk.  As I stopped to take a picture,  I didn’t realize that the dog was off its leash… at some point the dog came over to me.  As I was taking a picture, I didn’t see the dog and– with a yelp (from me and the dog) I fell over on the sidewalk.  I was okay, the dog was ok, but as I tried to get up, I noticed a little stencil near the ground.  And there was “the little peace dude” (at least that’s what I called it when I showed it to my partner later that night.)  This stencil is really small, probably about 5 inches high, and right on the bottom corner of a huge building.  There are other stencils on the wall, which is probably why I never noticed it.


Street Art: “Be Happy” Stencil

There is a prolific stencil artist in my neighborhood.  And I love what they do.  People have really strong opinions about graffiti and graffiti art– and that’s cool.  But you can’t deny that this little stencil can make you smile… I found it while I was having a really bad day, and it perked me up. I love the nice surprises you can find when going for a walk.